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May & June 1999 - Post your Service for Free.

During our construction period, you can post your Service on this site for free. This construction period will include May and June of 1999 and anyone posting their Service during this period will be given an additional period of time for free also. Until the automated entry phase is completed, you can send the information to us via E-Mail. We will post the E-Mailed Services on an "as time is available basis. We cannot guarentee that all Services submitted will be posted as the completion and maintenance of this site MUST come first, but we will attempt to post all submissions as soon as possible. Please print out an existing Service and copy the format using your information and then E-Mail it to us. There is no obligation to continue with this service after the construction period ends and we start charging for this service.

Examples of services:

Computer, General Business, Accident Investigation, Learning, etc.

Maids, Lawn, Child Care, Tutoring, Home Care, Shopping, Photography, etc.