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Human Health

     Jobs posted on this site, will be broken down into categories. Those categories will then be broken down into sub-categories. When the jobs search function is added it will allow you to search within a category for the type of employment you are searching for, within only a sub-category or among all jobs posted on the site. You will also be able to limit your search by other aspects of employment, such as part time, full time, summer work, location of job, etc.
     We are currently in the process of building the category and sub-category pages of the employment site. This page is fairly complete (I think) and we have just started on the Business Employment and Technical Jobs pages.
     During this startup process, we will be allowing employers to post their employment postings for free. Until the automated form is completed, employers interested in posting jobs on this site may E-Mail the information to us and we will post it on an "as time is available" basis. Please include all necessary information, including: contact, job title, job description, location, salary range, experience and education requirements, etc.

While you wait for us to get this section of our site up, here are some other job sites:


This page is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION and will be fully enabled as soon as possible.