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Bands: This area is for Bands to Place: a Picture, Song List, Resume, Concert Schedule, Band CD(s) with Thumbnail Covers and Sample Tracks. You may also include a link to your web site and information where your CD can be purchased. At this time, you will not be able to sell your CDs directly from this site, but will have to direct buyers to where they can purchase your CDs (we may offer sales from this site in the future.)

Independent Distributers: This area is a place you can come to look for Bands that you would be interested in obtaining distribution rights for. There are album covers and sample tracks from most of the CDs on this site.

Music Lovers: This is an area for you to come to find new sources of music, follow your favorite band (not signed with major labels) and to sample music not available elsewhere, or at least not in one place. There are Album Covers and sample tracks from most of the CDs on this site.

Venues: This is an area for nightclub managers, concert promoters, booking agents, etc to come to find new sources of music to book into their venue. From the privacy of your home or office you can peruse this site and listen to sample tracks of many of the bands promoted on this site. When you find ones you like, you can contact them using the contact information included on this site.

Some of the Bands and Solo Artists that will be appearing on the Bands Site include:

Big Meteor Chris Darrow Mark Dollar and the Peso Dollar Band Goodman Brothers. Goose Creek Symphony John Hargett Doug Haywood Sheylyn Jaynes. Los Chumps. Richard Marx, Jordan Snow and the Superstition Band Mojave. Ken Willis and AirZona Laurie Z.