About this Site
Our Services and Our Goals

   Market Yourself or Your Intellectual Property - A One Stop Site for linking groups of sites together in one place by category. Categories being evaluated: Band CDs looking for distribution and for sale, Jobs available, Work Wanted (Resume Posting), Services wanted and available, Consultants wanted and available, Independent Films shopping for distribution, Scripts wanted and available, Intellectual Property for sale, Etc.

   Now that you have a Web Site (or maybe not), how do you get the traffic to your site needed to generate the desired results?

  1. You can buy "Banner Ads". With a budget of several thousand dollars over the next several months and you should have plenty of traffic. (If you put them in the right places.)
  2. You can pay the Monthly Fees and Percentage of Sales to be in an "Web Mall". If you get into the right mall, you could be on your way.

* * * * * * * * OR * * * * * * * *

   For a LOT less investment/cost YOU can create a single Web Page on our site, containing a general description of what you are offering, or looking for, with links to any additional information (Pictures, Resume, Web Site, Sample Tracks or Clips, etc.) that will enhance your effort.

   No Web Site design knowledge or experience is needed. All you will need to do is fill out a short form with the necessary information and it will be posted to our site, under the category you select. Because YOU do the necessary labor/work required to place the information on our site; we can offer our service for a modest price, saving you much of the normal cost of this type of exposure. An example of a site that works like this is the eBay Auction Site.

   We pay for the Banner Ads, Hardware, Software, Etc. and spread the cost among the thousands of people we hope will post their information on this site each month.

  Our Hardware and Software. This link will take you to our server. It lists what equipment (hardware) and software we are running.